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A post about history posts

A new year has began and random thoughts about history blogs start to boil inside my head. There are many different paths to follow, but which of them are reasonable if we consider restrictions and benefits of blogs?
For example, there can be such types of posts as:
reviews of new or classical books and articles;
remarkable quotations from books and articles;
brief summaries of books and articles;
discussion of some narrow issues;
results of own research based on primary and secondary sources (i.e. normal articles);
own but derivative articles, i.e. based only on secondary works, a mix of summary and review.

I am sure that you, my dear readers, can easily name many other types of history posts. I will also be grateful for thoughts about types of posts that you deem the most interesting.

Personally, I feel that posts about your own articles are the least specific, because posting full text or link to own article is little different from “news” section on a personal web-site. Benefits of blogs come into being if it is an invitation to a discussion, but in that case a link to your own article is little different from a link to an article of some other author. Also, good research takes a lot of time, so such posts are rare.

However, I think that more important issue is that all types of posts fall into one of two categories: you can write for those who know history as good as you, or you can write for a wider audience. Mixing that in a single post often may displease both types of readers. Therefore history posts in general tend to be either for discussion or for education.

But are blogs really suitable for a good discussion? A proper discussion requires sources of one’s opinions while finding sources and rethinking them often takes much time.

So, the more I think about it the more puzzled I become. Honestly, I don’t really know what is the best path to go for a history blog.


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